Sunday, 26 April 2009

Home Again

Hello Everyone it's lovely to be home, we have had a lovely week, the weather has been simply lovcly and the site we were on in Hereford was absolutely beautiful. I have more photo's to show you but I need to get allthe washing done and then cook dinner, back to reality! I will catch up with all the blogs tomorrow.


scrappy quilter said...

Glad you had a lovely week. Hugs.

Apple Tree Cottage said...

A week away sounds lovely! Can't wait to see your pictures!!
~ Martha

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...the return from a trip always means laundry, etc.! Don't you wish there were a "Trip Genie" who would do all this! Looking forward to seeing your pictures of England in the springtime!

Judith Tetley said...

You're photo's are lovely. Hope you found some interesting things to look at.
Kind REgards
Judith from Australia

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