Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Rain Rain Rain and Knickers

It is a really awful day today the rain has not stopped, Cottonreel and I have been to Marks & Spencer for new knickers, she suddenly panicked because she is going away for a month to Cyprus she needed more knickers. Of course whilst we were there we had coffee and pastries.
I still cannot put any photo's on my blog but hopefully this should be fixed by the weekend.
I am going to tidy my sewing room today because I keep going in there and then coming back out thinking "I cannot face that today" but I have to get started or it will just get worse, once it is done I will love it again. Sorry this all looks a bit boring bit without photo's I can't get inspired.


scrappy quilter said...

We need rain so badly. You can always send some our way. I know what you mean about a tidy sewing room. Once it gets too far gone it becomes overwhelming. Hugs..

beedeebabee said...

Hi Bluebell!

We've had a ton of rain this year also. It does get dreary! ... So sorry about your computer woes. We all love our computers so much, it's horrible when they betray us! ... I start off each project with a nice clean work table, and by the end, it's always a terrible mess!... I love reading about your adventures with Cottonreel, I wish I were there with the two of you, eating pastries and having coffee!
... I'll keep my fingers crossed that your computer gets better!

Hugs, Paulette :o)

solomi558 said...

Just in case the previous readers come back to this page.Yes I did need more knickers, didn,t want to be in an accident with saggy elastic ,but what bluebell didn,t say was! she also bought 2 pairs of very fetching,creations with an airy comment-"these will be for my daughter,I just raised my eyes to the sky, I know what I believe

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