Monday, 31 August 2009

A Lovely Day

Hello, what a lovely day I have had with Kathleen (Cottonreel) she taught me to make this bag which I am thrilled with, she taught me to make a book cover which I decorated when I got home and put a bookmark in it, thats another little pink check heart at the bottom but it does'nt show up very well on here, and then she taught me to make these two gift bags which are lovely. I am not a bag person but now I have learnt how to do them properly I will make more, it is always the handles and lining that confuse me. Kathleen was so patient although she did make fun of the speed my machine was going which made us laugh, I have to be careful machines scare me a bit. I also took the shell of a bag I had made and she showed me how to add the lining and handles I will post a photo of that in a minute. It was a tiring day because I was concentrating so much but I felt such satisfaction at making these lovely things. My friend Kathleen is the best she has such a big heart and is always giving her time and makes you laugh too.


Elizabethd said...

They look so pretty. I can imagine Cottonreel is as super teacher.

scrappy quilter said...

They are all so pretty. And yes, our friend Kathleen is the best. She has such a giving heart. One day I hope to meet all 3 of you, including Anne. It's one of my 20 wishes!!

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