Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Last few flowers

These Marigolds have given us so much pleasure this year I have filled lots of pots with them and they have been a continuous splash of colour all summer but, they are just beginning to look a little tired. The Penstemon are still giving little pockets of colour and I have white phlox which smell wonderful but I am afraid it will soon be time to pull out and cut back ready for the winter. I really do not like the cold and I do not look forward to it but, I love winter nights when I can stay at home and cuddle up with a good book or some sewing, with the curtains drawn and a cup of Hot chocolate what could be better.


scrappy quilter said...

I love marigolds. They are usually the last flowers around here to die back. I love fall however winter is my favorite season. I love the wind howling, fresh falling snow and long walks when it's cold. I love sitting inside though too with a good book or quilting away, oblivious to all that is outside. Hugs

beedeebabee♥ said...

These are my hubby's favorite flowers! So cheery and bright! Oh my goodness, I see Scrappy Quilter is a winter lover like me...I have to pay her a visit! Hugs to you sweet Bluebell! ♥ Paulette

Piece by Piece said...

My marigolds are also looking a bit tired, and yes, it won't be long before mine will have to be pulled out. My mums are starting to show some colour, looking forward to their display until the frosts get them. Have a wonderful day. Patricia

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