Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Antique Heaven

Hello Everybody I am backfrom my sojourn in Lincolnshire we had a brilliant time and the weather was kind. This is a photo of Lincold Cathedral it is very beautiful we were allowed to take a photo inside which I was glad of because it is stunning.Getting to the cathedral is a bit hard because it is at the top of a very steep hill but, to make it interesting whilst your heart beats like a tom tom there are sweet little shops on either side of the cobbled hill also cafe's and restaurants so you can have a rest half way up if needed. There are sweet little houses so I presume people live on the hill too they must be fit. The pictures with the tables of china were taken in Horncastle which has an antiques and collectable trail and is loved by Americans we did most of the trail it took us all day the places are huge with two and three floors plus outside space too they are like old factories or warehouses which have been turned into Antique Heaven. The tables with the china were so magical and whilst looking around I spotted a Chintz creamer which I immeadiately bought for pennies. We also visited a place called Hemswell which has the aerodromes where the planes took off for Germany in the war years, I think this is where the Dambusters left from there is a pub on top of the cliff road called The Dambusters Arms. We had a lovely meal in a cafe on the Hemswell site which was full of war memorabilia. There were a bout 14 antique stores on this site they were huge we managed to look around 4 I bought some more things which I will photograph and put in my next post.


mandapanda said...

I would have just died and gone to heaven seeing all that wonderful china on those tables!!! What fun you must have had going through it all!

solomi558 said...

wouldn,t I just love to be a rootin, tootin, in this place

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