Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Other Buy

Here is the other item I bought, it is so pretty I am really going to enjoy using it, a lot of people will think this is junk but to me it is £12 worth of heaven. It will take me ages tp decide what to put in it and I will keep it close so that I can use it whenever I want or I can just look inside and sigh with pleasure. There was one compartment full of buttons there was also a needle case which someone had made and a tin of pins with someone's name scratched on the bottom also a lovely wooden ruler. Today I am going to polish it a little not too much because I love the little scars it has it means someone has loved it and then I will start to fill it this is going to be such fun. I hope you all have a happy day too.


Kathy said...

Oh I would have bought that in a second! Awesome!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh! I just love it.. now I have caught my breath!

You definitely need to use it...

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