Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lovely Tearoom

Here is the tearoom Kathleen and I found in Ashby-de-la-Zouch it was charming, we had coffee there and enjoyed it so much we went back for lunch it was a little gem. My friend Kathy at Four Dog Day Blogspot mentioned she did'nt understand what mooch meant in my last post I forget we live in different countries and some of the language is a bit quirky well,to mooch around the shops means just to have a good look and search for bargains and just to enjoy. I have been up since 4am today as I had to take my son and his girlfriend Becky to the airport they are flying off to greece for a holiday it is now 11.45 am and I just received a text saying they had arrived and were on the way to the Hotel. They have gone to one of the Islands it is called Santorini it is the most beautiful place, if you ever see pictures of Greece they are usually from Santorini, buildings seem to hang from the cliff and they are all white and blue, I can relax a bit now they have arrived safe and sound. We have had some gorgeous weather, very hot, the summerhouse is up but not quite finished, I have been planting some more plants today, I keep buying them and then I have to plant them. I am off for a coffee now to keep me awake.


Kathy said...

Well then I LOVE mooching!! That is one of my favorite things to do. Is that you in that picture? It sure looks like a lovely spot for a bit to eat!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Jilly, to "mooch" here in the US means to take something away from someone, like to "mooch a cookie from the cookie jar".

A moocher can also be someone who uses other people for personal gain.

I love your expressions of "wombling" and "wonky".

Isn't language fun!


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