Monday, 19 July 2010

This Beautiful Island

Well here are just a few photographs of this very beautiful part of England The Lake District, Cumbria. I have never been here before and I could not believe some of the scenery it was simply stunning. We walked a lot of miles and climbed the Loughrigg Fell, I only got half way up but Tony got to the top it was a lovely experience and we met so many lovely people from all over the world and everyone wanted to share their experiences and tell you of another beautiful place that you must visit before leaving the area. We also went to Cockermouth where they had all the terrible floods at the beginning of this year and it was still trying to get back on it's feet, lots of the shops were still drying out or being replastered and refloored but most of the businesses had not closed instead they had all gone into an old warehouse and had stalls to sell their goods until they could get back into their shops. The weather was warm and dry until Thusday evening and then the heavens opened and a 65 mph gale blew and blew, we did'nt get much sleep but we laughed a lot. This was a place I would love to visit again.


silversewer said...

The Lakes is my second favourite place after Scotland.

We spent many happy holidays in the lake district with the children, camping in the first instance but afterwards in our caravan.

Did you get to the Lakeland shop in Windermere??

Diane said...'re in Beatrix country! So beautiful!!

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