Thursday, 30 September 2010

A bit of Allsorts

The picture is of me walking to Beachy Head whilst we were in Sussex, it was a lovely warm day but there was always a huge dark cloud in the distance it was a testing walk. Cottonreel and I went out for a couple of hours yesterday, it was such a dreary day with rain and grey cloud all over. We went to the garden centre and had a good look around there were loads of bulbs and lots of plants to buy ready for the spring. We had a pot of tea and a brownie which was lovely and then we continued to Hinckley where we trawled the charity shops and had a fit of the giggles, that always does you good we did'nt find much but we had fun. Today I am going to Cottonreels for lunch and silversewer and her husband are coming too they are down from Scotland it will be good to see Anne. I am putting the finishing touches to a quilt it is the pattern Lovers Knot, hopefully I will have finished it by tomorrow and will show you.


Anonymous said...

Jilly, Beachy Head is a lovely spot! Don't stand too close to the edge!
It's been years since we drove out that way. Would love to go again some day.
Hugs, Diane

Piece by Piece said...

When I have visited family and friends in Sussex, our walks often led us to Beachy Head.
Hope you have a nice visit with Silversewer, her OH and Cottonreel.

Kathy said...

Even with the clouds it looks lovely!

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