Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chintz Chintz Chintz

Hello everybody, I bought these two pieces of chintz china and they are so pretty. The butter dish is in a pattern called June Roses and I think the Cake plate is Sunshine. I love this china and I am trying to collect a few pieces to put on some new shelves that I am painting.
Kathleen and I went to Ikea today we went early and had some breakfast when we got there it was delicious. We bought some bits and pieces, they have their christmas decorations out and as I only like Glass ornaments I was pleased to see some glass angels and glass hearts, I like to try and buy some new decs. every year just a couple to add to all the others. Kathleen bought a book shelf which I am going to put together for her and some fleece blankets which she wants to use to back a christmas quilt. We both bought a plant, I am not very good with houseplants so mine will probably die a horrible death quite quickly. Does anyone else have this effect on plants?


Jane said...

I LOVE the cake plate!

Piece by Piece said...

I love the pattern on the cake stand.

Janet said...

Bluebell, what pretty china - just the sort of thing I love. It was very kind of you to post a comment on my first blog, thank you so much and I hope we shall be visiting each other regularly. Jan

Diane said...

Jilly, the prices on Chintzware here in the states are growing higher and higher. I once had a plate exactly like yours. I'll bet you can find much more of it there in the UK than here. Hope your prices aren't as dear!
Hugs, Diane

Elizabethd said...

So very pretty..I just love anything chintz!

Angela Harris said...

These are fantastic finds! Thank you for coming over to my blog and visiting. I Love to hear what people do with the Trim Tags :)
it gets me inspired to make more!
~Angela Harris

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