Sunday, 6 June 2010

Losing a Friend

I am feeling sad today because I have lost one of my blogging friends, Gypsylulu passed away at the end of the week and I will miss her, she was a lovely lady and she loved all the crafts we do and she did some lovely one's herself. She has been ill for such a short while but I am glad she is out of pain, I thought about her every day and hoped she would win her fight but she did'nt make it. God Bless you Gypsy.

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Jane said...

I can empathise with your sadness as someone whose blog I've been reading for several years died last week after a long and courageous struggle against kidney cancer and NICE. Of course I didn't know her personally but after so long I felt that I did and was shocked and intensely sad to read from her husband that she'd passed away. Good people leave good thoughts behind, and while they last the person remains here with us in our memories.

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