Friday, 4 February 2011

Miniature Embroidery

Hello everybody, this is a picture of a miniature embroidery I have just finished, I am going to use it on some crazy patchwork, it was lovely to do, I enjoyed it so much I have sent for two more, I think the Hollyhocks are my favourite.
Well what a week it has been, there is so much awful news, the weather still seems to be crazy, I feel so sorry for all the people in Queensland it must have been so frightening when the cyclone hit, they are really having a bad time. Then there is the snow in America that looks pretty awful too, we have gales at the moment here in England, I think Scotland have had the worst of them but it is still very very windy here. I am glad we have got into February, there are some small signs of spring breaking through, there are catkins in the hedgerows and snowdrops appearing everywhere and I noticed that the spring bulbs are beginning to sprout in my garden.
It is my son Andrews birthday next week so I have been busy birthday shopping, Kathleen and I went out to lunch yesterday, it was a lovely sunny day. Lets hope that the weather will take a turn for the better now, enough is enough.


Floss said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.

Jane said...

What a lovely little posy you've made! The weather is dreadful isn't it? I've left my bed as I can't sleep for the frightening noise of the wind :O(

Scrappy quilter said...

That is beautiful. Glad to hear you and Kathleen went out to lunch...always sweet when you can go out with your best friend. Hugs

Jan said...

Such a pretty embroidery and I can see it will be lovely on some patchwork. I like combining embroidery with piecing - the best of both worlds.

Elizabethd said...

Absolutely lovely, Bluebell, as always.

The French Bear said...

That is stunning!!! I have never seen anything so beautiful, where did you learn this from? I am not a great embroiderer but I love this!
Margaret B

Piece by Piece said...

Love your embroidery, I usse to do a lot of it but not recently, too busy doig my quilting.
We had a lot 8-10 inches of snow this afternnon here in S. W. Ontario, Canada. I am so sick of Winter, we have snow on the ground all most every day since the first of December.
Stay warm

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