Monday, 4 April 2011

A Lovely Day

Hello all you Mums out there I hope you all had a great day!

My family came to visit and bring me presents and cards and we had a lovely day. I always think of my own Mum on Motherimg Sunday and how much I miss her, we always made a fuss of her on Mums special day and she loved it, as there were ten of us she always had a houseful and everybody wanted to talk at the same time so it was a noisy happy day. When I was a small child I can remember going to church and being given a bunch of primroses to bring home for my Mum it was lovely.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful memory of your Mum. Our Mother's Day is in May and I can remember cutting pretty red roses for my mother. I can imagine with 10, it was quite a lot of fun. Primroses are such sweet and colorful flowers. So glad your family visited with you and made your day special.

Jane said...

At my Sunday School we were always given a bunch of violets for our mothers. Happy days :O)

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