Friday, 20 May 2011

A few photo's of my gaden it is looking so pretty at the moment, this maybe our last summer here as our house goes up for sale shortly we are downsizing, we have had 15 special years here but life moves on and I am excited about my next house which I have'nt found yet.

We had a really great day at the Quilt Show, a good journey to Malvern through lots of beautiful countryside. Our first visit was to the Ladies bathroom which always has a queue so you have to stand with legs crossed, then a large coffee whilst sat in the lovely sunshine watching all these chattering ladies walking by it's great to see the happiness on their faces as they aticipate what is to come when they get through those doors. There was a lovely array of quilts which we spent much time gazing at, I loved the miniature quilts they told such stories and all of them were so accomplished. We then hit the stalls, oh my goodness! all that fabric it is just brilliant, there is a stall called "Worn and Washed" where the fabrics are all old clothing and sheets which have been washed and and cut and made into jelly rolls and packs that make a complete quilt we love this store and spent lots of time sighing and buying, it was very busy and lots of these sweet older ladies know how to use their elbows but all in all we had a wonderful day finishing up with an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake 'Yummy!'


Mildred said...

We just downsized and I cherish the photos we have of our last garden. Your pictures are beautiful of your garden. I know you will find just the right place to call your new home!
The quilts are amazing. So glad you both enjoyed your visit.

Elizabethd said...

Bluebell, your garden is looking so lovely. It is just the best time of year now.
I'm sure you will find the home for you.

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