Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lots to Do

Hello, this is a picture of an old dresser top I bought at the Shepton Mallet Antiques fair, I loved it when I saw it, it has two glass doors as well, I have now started to sand the old paint off and then I will paint, I have taken the doors off to do seperately, I will show you the finished product, I love doing these things it is so rewarding when you finish them and you bring them back to life with pretty china.
I went to Kathleens for a quiet cup of tea, she was having a major change around in her computer room, Where does that woman get her energy?


Elizabethd said...

That is going to look very good. I can imagine it with lovely china on the shelves.

Aunty Bee said...

I love it and I can see it is going to look fabulous finished. I am a tad envious as I scour trademe for something similar.

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