Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Can anyone tell me why I cannot leave comments on some of the blogs? I write out my comment and then when I try to leave the comment I am asked for a profile and then when I sign in nothing happens. Can anyone help?


Anonymous said...

When you are asked to sign in, UNCHECK the stay signed in box, and it will let you post the comment. This only happens on blogs where they are NOT using the pop up comments form. Ask them to go into dashboard settings and change comments form to pop up!

silversewer said...

Blogger has been playing silly devils for a couple of weeks now...its time theu had it sorted. Hope you are ok, have you sold the house yet???

Angela said...

you may need to check your "ookie functionality" [no I dont know either! it has nothing to do with biscuits]

check out this link

it's worked for me

blessings x

Angela said...

oops - mistyped that

should be COOKIES not OOKIES!!!!

Jane said...

Like you I find that I can't comment on some blogs in my google name so if they allow anonymous comments that's what I use. If they don't allow anonymous I'm stuffed.
I had a look at Mildreds fix but firstly I only have to click the Sign In sign in order to sign in - there's no Say Signed In box at all, and 2nd, my dashboard doesn't have a Settings tab so I can't change to 'pop up'.
Lastly, the link that Mildred gave took me to a page entitled 'Cookie functionality turned off: error messages' which didn't seem to help much. :O((

Elizabethd said...

It's only the ones with embedded comment boxes that I cant leave comments on.
I checked the cookie thing too and it did nothing.

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