Saturday, 15 October 2011

Moan, Moan,Moan!

This is my dear friend Kathleen (cottonreel), yesterday I offered to help her set up her quilting machine so that she could practice on one of her quilts. We got home from the Fabric Guild, had a ham sandwich and a cup of coffee and then out to the garage we went. We started and then we stopped because we could'nt remember how to start pinning to the rollers, there is a back, middle and front, we trooped back to the lounge and put the instruction DVD in the machine but because Kathleens machine does not have a fast forward button we have to sit and wait and wait for our bit to come up. We watched and went back to the garage ready to start which we did, we got so far and then promptly forgot what to do so.... back to the DVD which was still running on a loop so we had to wait again for our bit, all the time Kathleen is moaning about ever buying the machine, it's too complicated to set up, she could do it twice as fast on her ordinary machine, we watched our bit again and this time wrote it all down step by step, back to the garage, we started fine and then we got a bit muddled but finally everything was ready except the sewing machine, we did seven bobbins to start us off and then attached the machine, we still hav'nt worked out how to use the automatic threader but by luck I managed to do it, then another friend turned up and Kathleen is still moaning, "have I done the right thing, it takes too long and so on and so on.

Then she started to quilt on this amazing machine and produced lovely quilting, the smiles came back and she loves it. it's the best machine in the world, by this time I am shattered and I leave her to it, Bum stuck out, tongue hanging out and doing a grand job. I phoned her an hour after and she was bright and happy and raring to go, she asked me if she had given me a stressful afternoon but, I will refrain from repeating my answer.It's a good thing we are very close friends.


Angela said...

what a good friend you are! and what great results she achieves with the machine
I imagine you needed plenty of cups of tea to get you through such a frustrating afternoon!

cottonreel said...

I will be the first to admit I hate gadgets and I did moan , so bluebell tells me and I believe every word she says .

Elizabethd said...

That sounds very complicated! Well done for achieving the results.

Anonymous said...

I think Kathleen will be quilting some of your projects for your very soon to say thank you! :-)

Hugs, Diane

Bluebell said...

Lovely thought Diane but, she is a hard taskmaster and says I have to do them myself on her machine, but I know she loves to teach me things and I love to learn.

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