Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Hello everybody, I have started my second class of my online class this is making ribbon flowers. I have struggled a bit with this and I did'nt think I would be able to do them but, my husband said "Are you reading the instructions properly"? well I am a bit of a noodle when it comes to reading instructions and usually skim over them quickly and think "I can do that" but I could'nt so I sat yesterday with the instructions and took it step by step, now they are not perfect but they at least look like flowers, I have only tried a couple of the shapes but will try more. I have started to fill the basket, I think we get to do the centre's in another lesson. Christen Brown who takes the class is so patient, I would recommend doing one of these classes to anyone, there is a lovely one which invoilves all white crazy patchwork and pearls, pretty! If you look on Maureens Vintage Aquisitions blog you will find all the lovely classes. I am off now to practice some more flowers.
Have a great day.

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Pippa's quilts said...

They look great. I want to make ribbon flowers that is going to be my Easter project.
Hope you managed some more today.

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