Thursday, 12 April 2012

Still Going Crazy

I am still embellishing my crazy quilt it is taking quite a long time, I did'nt realise how many seams there were, it looks very pretty in a lot of places and very bare in other places but I do enjoy prettyfying and I learn new things all the time, I have become a Lace and bead fiend, I love to search for old lace when we go to any antiques fairs so if you see a bottom sticking out from one of the sales tables it is probably mine I always search the boxes on the floor.
The garden is quite an inspiration at the moment I have lots of primroses,violets, tulips and pansies out and the tree blossoms are very pretty I think this time of year is one of the nicest.


Susan said...

Very pretty - its hard to stop on those sorts of projects isn't it?

Pippa's quilts said...

What a lovely combination with the beads and lace.

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