Friday, 31 August 2012

CJQP July Block

This is my July block for CJQP, it is quite hard to keep finding new things to put in these blocks but once I get started I love doing them, I want to put them all together when they are finished to make a wallhanging for my bedroom, I have them in a file and they look so pretty.
We saw our grandson Jude today, he is such a warm cuddly bundle, I cannot believe he is 8 months old already, I am sure all grandparents feel like we do.


Pippa's quilts said...

love your july block I love having cuddles from my grandchildren. I went to there house for tea last night and they both come to the door and squeal Grandma and hugs all round there is nothing like it. Have a lovely weekend.

Chris H said...

I got to thrift shops and buy up old necklaces/earrings/belt buckles etc and use them on blocks like yours! I want to see the finished wall hanging now!

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