Friday, 18 May 2012

Good Day at Malvern

Cottonreel and I went to Malvern Quilt Show Yesterday, we had a really good day it was a lovely show with lots to look at and drool over. the first photo of fabric is not from Malvern but from the Fabric Guild, we went there today I got a lovely 3yard piece of floral fabric for £9 and the 6 fat quarters were free, they do a voucher scheme and this pack was on offer for 10 vouchers.

I bought a height chart at Malvern to make for my grandson Jude it's a Nancy Halvorsen one.
I got some lovely silk ribbons and a pack of silk fabric and some really pretty bits of ribbon, ricrac, and other nice bits for crazy quilting. the beads were a real bargain at 80pence a bag or three for £2.00 they are really pretty, the spot fabric was £5 for 5 fat quarters and I love spots. Worcestershire is such a lovely county and it was a nice sunny day, the hills were very clear, there were lots of people there, it is not far from the welsh borders so lots of welsh people, I love to hear all the different dialects, we had good journeys there and home again it's about 150 mile round trip when Kathleen (cottonreel) phoned this morning she said she would love to be doing it all again today. well... now I have all this stuff I had better do some sewing.


Pippa's quilts said...

Sounds like a lovely day with beautiful fabrics and coloured ribbon. Enjoy the sewing.

Chris H said...

OOOO lots of goodies you got there Chick!
Wish I could have gone with you two girls.
Sadly... I'm living a bit too far away.

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