Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hi Everybody, we are doing o.k the electricians have been today to sort out the wiring, one more job done, we are beginning to feel  more at home although we are still surrounded by boxes and there is a lot to do, people have been very kind and have been giving me encouragement with lovely messages on this blog, a quick thank you to silversewer for the lovely heart she left at Kathleens for me I will hang it as soon as we are sorted. The weather has been really beautiful over the May bank holiday and we have been out in the new garden doing some bits, it has been raining on and off today but it is still quite warm, we brought quite a lot of pots filled with flowers and shrubs and the pots are looking lovely giving us some colour.
I am on the last little bit of Freddie's quilt I actually sat and sewed a little over the last two days it seems to calm me, I have a lovely new sewing room which is also full of crates and boxes and I have yet to tackle that but I will get to it soon.
We have some trees around us and the birds must be nesting in them as there is a lot of chattering and busy toing and froing feeding babies the morning chorus is loud and beautiful.


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Ah Ha! Found you ( if you are the blue bell who asked if I was the lady who wrote in The Penny Pincher Paper = frugalinsuffolk).
Hope you are soon settled in your new home. Moving is a very stressful occupation. We've been here now for 21 years, I know we will have to move sometime but it's such hard work. Good Luck in your new home

silversewer said...

I am glad you are feeling a bit more settled and things are going ok for you. Sewing does calm you down and once you get your sewing room sorted you will feel a lot better, I know I did.

I am glad you like the heart, Kathleen will tell you all about the lovely coffee shop it came from a little gift from Bonnie Scotland.

Angela said...

Hope you are happily settled now - are you in the same lovely village as Cottonreel Kathleen?

If so I may try and visit one of these days! I am only just up the road

blessings in your new home xx

margaret said...

good to read you are settling in well, you must be itching to get the sewing room organised and house the way you want it.

Pippas quilts said...

Carry on as you are doing one step at a time.

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