Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Bunnies

I love these bunnies. All the shops seem to have themed windows for Easter if it's not bunnies it's chickens they are all very pretty.
I went to Quilting Group today it is always so nice to see all the lovely things people create and they have such different ideas so every week you learn something new. I am scared of colour and it takes me ages to sort out what I need but some people just go right ahead and put colours together that I never would and they look great, so I am getting a little braver about colour. I hope you all have a very Happy Easter.


scrappy quilter said...

Don't ever be scared of color. One of the best ways to pick colors for a quilt is to find a piece of material you really like and pull colors from it. I did a post on my blog (should be under quilting) on color. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. hugs...

Anonymous said...

Gill, I heard of one project where quilters took all of the pieces of fabric that they thought were "ugly" colors and went ahead and made a quilt out of them. The results were amazingly BEAUTIFUL! They took VERY unmatching colors, garish colors and wild prints and "married" them into some extraodinary combinations that worked! Just like nature.

Happy Easter!

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