Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Finding Madelaine

On Friday last week I watched a programme about Madelaine McCann, you must all of heard of her, she is the little girl who was taken from her bedroom while on holiday with her parents in Portugal, it is now 2years since this little girl disappeared and to watch this family talk about her was really painful. The McCann family live in a village in Leicester and Gerry McCann is a Dr. at our local hospital, they have two other children and they are trying their best to bring them up so that this awful happening does not spoil their lives, that must be so hard. It makes me feel so helpless, there must be someone out there who knows where Madeleine is I would hope that they have enough compassion to let her parents have peace.


scrappy quilter said...

This is such a tragidy. I hope that at some point whoever has her comes forward.

Marydon said...

The McCann family is going thru a living hell not knowing what happened to their daughter, I am sure. the world has cried & mourned for them .. hopefully one day soon all prayers will be answered for a finality to the question 'what happened to Maddy'.
TTFN ~ Marydon
PS As the Mother of a baby son who was killed, no parent should ever have to know their child won't be coming home, muchless wonder about their child.

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