Friday, 15 May 2009

Malvern was a Blast.

Well off we went in my little car on our journey to Malvern for the quilt show. Once we got there our first port of call was of course The Ladies Loo for all ladies of a certain age this is a must. Our second was a Cup of coffee also a must before you start although why you empty out one end then fill up again is a mystery. We sat at the base of the Malvern Hills which are beautiful but on this day they were covered by a mist so I could not take photo's for you. Then we finally got inside and Oh My Goodness what lovely sights, quilts everywhere and goodies too, well a lot of those goodies came home with us we all have some lovely patterns and fabrics to look at and stroke for a while. The halls were full with all these ladies fighting to get to the front of the stalls it reminded me of the first day of Harrods Sale which is always televised. Everything of course settles down and everybody is able to get a look at everything, I cleaned out my purse and there will still lots of goodies I wanted to buy, never mind it is on again in October so we will all start saving again. On the way home we ate sweets, giggled and talked about our purchases so a good day was had by all.


scrappy quilter said...

I'm so glad you had a fun time. I love quilting shows. It always gives me a reason to spend. I also enjoy seeing what other quilters are doing, their color choices and seeing new ideas. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

FeedackFantasy said...

I love just looking at quilts. Glad you had a wonderful time. Are you going to share pics of what you viewed?
TTFN ~ Marydon

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