Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hooray! I Have Pictures

I am very excited because I can show you pictures again. Look at these lovely things I got from Laurie Star's Etsy shop they are so lovely, buttons are my downfall and these are special because she paints them herself I Love Them.

I took my friend cottonreel to the airport today, she was looking forward to seeing her beloved Cyprus, of course we could'nt say goodbye for a month without first having coffee and a pastry they were delicious, I can of course have coffee and pastries whil'st she is away but I know they will not taste the same I am so going to miss her. I am checking on her house every day and feeding the fish. I am going to keep busy so that the month goes quickly,I do have lots to do.
My daughter Kate has asked if cottonreel and I will do a stall at a charity event it is for The Eve Appeal and is called' Make Time for Tea' this is all about Ovarian Cancer awareness and apparently if you take time to drink two cups of tea a day this helps protect against Ovarian Cancer. We of course said 'Yes' we would do a stall so we have lots of things to make between now and 26th September and cottonreel has left me my orders for things we will need.
It has been a lovely day today and some gardening got done also some ironing and if you check into Green Fairy Quilts you will see that when she gets excited she Mops The Floor so I am trying to get very excited as I have lots of floor that needs mopping. It is so lovely to be able to blog again properly, I will put some of my holiday snaps on tomorrow.


scrappy quilter said...

Love those buttons. Going to miss Cottonreel. I hope she has a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to see what you make for the charity. I love it "Make Time for Tea". Glad you are now able to post pictures. Hugs..

blushing rose said...

What intricate button art. Hadn't seen this done before. TTFN ~Marydon

beedeebabee said...

I so wish I had a friend close by with the same interests as me. You sound like you have such a wonderful friendship!
Your new buttons are just the cutest. I too cannot wait to see what you make for the charity...and can you please send some excitement my way, I have to mop the kitchen floor today!
Hugs, Paulette :o)

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