Thursday, 22 October 2009

She's At It Again.

Yesterday I went to get my hair trimmed, I felt very relaxed and content and thought to myself, "I will call in and see Kathleen on the way home"
I did this and we chattted and she admired my hair we had a coffee and then...............
" I think I want to change things around"
"What things"
"I want the white chest of drawers back in my bedroom"
"I,m not sure it will fit, what do you think?"
"I think it will be o.k it was in there before"
Then I caved in and said "Come on then lets do it"
We then proceeded to move half the furniture in Kathleens bugalow so that she could have her chest of drawers back where it was in the first place. This chest of drawers has six drawers and was made in Cyprus and weighs a ton, but we managed it by removing all the drawers and sliding it along and lifting through doors we had to stop at one time because I was grumbling about people who could'nt make their minds up and we started to laugh too much to go on. Kathleen then of course wanted to move her computer table which was full of paper and files and every other thing she could get on there but we managed it, then her bedroom looked too cluttered so we had to move the Linen chest which weighed nearly as much as the chest of drawers. Finally she was happy and I left her filling the drawers and singing to herself because once again she had conned me. But I love her to pieces.


Elizabethd said...

'A friend in need....'!

Did you find your cake stand holders, I wonder?

scrappy quilter said...

Too too funny. You ladies have such a wonderful friendship. I loved reading this. Glad to hear K is quite content now (for a bit anyways) as to where her furniture all is. Hugs to you both!!

solomi558 said...

Yep !every word is true a place for every thing, and for now the vibes are right again--cottonreel

Anonymous said...

Jilly and Kathleen, you two are a hoot! That's an American idiom for "funny"! Here's to girlfriends!!
Blessings, Diane

clare's craftroom said...

How funny but what a good friend you are !

blushing rose said...

What a stitch you both are ... job accomplished, now what can you find to do?

Have a warm wonderful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

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