Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Refurbishing a Fire Surround

I bought an old fire surround for not much money from an antique market, it has pretty tiles and I liked it a lot, I have never had a fireplace in this house just a brick central pillar with a fire attached to the wall which I always disiked. I bought some of this new fangled old style paint in a lovely antique cream and started to paint it I used 5 coats of primer undercoat and then started with the antique cream I have done 2 coats so far and I think one more will do. I can't wait to remove the masking tape and get it fixed to the wall so that I can dress it in pretty things, I have a lovely old oval mirror that I bought from a charity shop and I think that will look lovely above the fireplace. This has been a real labour of love, and whilst I have been doing the fire surround we have also put a few coats of paint on the walls to freshen things up, so my house is a real mess at the moment with dust sheets and covers all over the place but we are nearly at the end. I am now going to hang out my winter sofa covers in the lovely autumn sunshine to dry and then when everything is finished with the paint I will put them on. I am so easily pleased.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! I enlarged the photo and those are the most delicate tiles. Love the cream paint and the architectural details.

Elizabethd said...

That is going to look perfect when you have finished doing everything to it!

Jane said...

What a good job you're making of it - and how smashing it will look when the whole lot is finished :O)

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