Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How Young They Look

These are photo's of my Lovely Dad and My Beautiful Mom. I never saw them when they were young as my Mom had 10 children and I was the youngest consquently I can only remember them in their fifties. They were such hardworking people and we always had clean clothes and enough to eat. I remember my Dad being good fun but a bit strict and my Mom not quite so strict but if you disobeyed her she soon let you know, it's hard to umagine them being this young. I remember christmas's well and there was always a stocking at the end of the bed with and Orange and some nuts, a few
big old pennies to save or spend, a sugar mouse nothing like todays kids get but we loved it, and then downstairs Santa always left us a pillowcase full of goodies like books and puzzles, paints, games and usually a torch. We always had something new to wear on christmas day and my older brothers and sisters who were then married always came to christmas tea, what a noisy lot we were, we were always ready for bed when the time came. These are precious memories and when our kids were growing up we always tried to make christmas a magic time starting with the carol service at the local church which was always a favourite of mine there is nothing like a good rousing carol to make you feel christmassy and thankful. Have you all got good memories of christmas?


Mildred said...

Lovely photos of your parents and such sweet memories of Christmas. I can imagine you were noisy with that big of a family get together! I have precious memories too. I would get a few gifts under the Christmas tree and we had a stocking hung by the fireplace full of candy. We would always enjoy attending church together and the music was especially melodious during Christmas. I enjoyed your post so very much.

ML said...

My memories are very similar to yours...stocking with fruit and nuts...a gift or two under the tree..families arriving for a meal of turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. My parents refused to buy a tree. They wanted us to have the experience of finding one in the field of a friend, cutting it, making most of the decorations, and placing a homemade cardboard star covered in foil on the top of the tree. On Christmas Eve, we would gather at my grandparent's home to sing carols and eat Grandmother's homemade candies, fruit cakes and pies. Thank you for bringing those memories back today. I think I'll go now and find some cardboard to cut out one more star for oldtime's sake.


Marydon said...

Such beautiful memories of simpler times that have to be far more memorable than the children of today will ever have ... & we were thrilled with our 'treasured gifts' of candy, books & a toy or hair barette, tucked in the stockings hung with care.

Love the beautiful pictures of your parents ...

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Jane said...

You were very lucky to have so many siblings - it makes SUCH a difference. Nice post :O)

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

I love that you have wonderful memories with your family. It is always fun to see photos of family members when they were younger. I think it is neat when you can look at the photo and see that you really are related ie. nose, chin, ears, eyes and so on.

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