Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Snow and More Snow

Yes, it is still snowing here in England and as always it is causing chaos, we really do not deal with snow very well. Everything looks very pretty dressed in it's white finery and there are some wierd and wonderful shapes where the snow has landed on things still out in the garden. We are putting out lots of bird food and the bird table is very busy, it is funny to watch we have very bossy blackbirds. Yesterday I walked to the post office to post my Australia parcels then called into the shop for Pecan and Apple pastries then carried onto Kathleens for a cup of tea, we sat and had a good natter(chat) and ate our pastries Kathleen using her finger to get every bit off the plate. I found something really beautiful on one of the blogs called How Sweet the Sound, I was visiting aA Gathering of Thoughts and she suggested that I go to How Sweet the sound and look at the dvd clip about the shopping mall, this I did and what a wonderful surprise I got, I suggest that if you want to be uplifted go and check it out.


Elizabethd said...

That is a blog that I like to visit too.
We can't believe just how England is suffering with so much snow. I hope its gone by the time we come over for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

That is an adorable vintage Christmas postcard. We don't deal with the infrequent snow we get either and travelling in it is scary. I know the birds appreciate the extra food at this time. I watched the shopping mall video - that's great fun. Wishing you a grand day.

Scrappy quilter said...

It seems like this is going to be the winter of snow. We've gotten more than we have in years. Hopefully everyone stays safe there. Hugs

Anonymous said...
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