Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Little Bit of This and That.

Hello People, I have been very remiss in not posting for a little while, I have been busy shopping for birthdays I seem to have a lot of birthdays that fall at this time of year. I am also trying to catch up on my sewing I seem to have several things on the go at the moment and I am trying to get some finished.
Do you remember Kate (my daughter) who got married in August, well she and her husband Steve have just sold their house and found a lovely three storey Edwardian house to buy, there is much excitement and they are keeping their fingers crossed that everything goes through smoothly.
Yesterday Tony and I travelled to Birmingham to see his Mom and Dad, it is Dad's birthday on Tuesday he is in his late 80's and has some dementia but is still able to have a conversation about 'The Old Days' we took his presents and sat with them for a while it was a nice time. On the way home Tony took me to and antiques place he had found out in the country I would never have found it, it was a craft centre too and had lots of little shops. The antiques barn was two storeys high and had lots of rooms, I loved the Tapestry chair that you can see in the above picture it was just £37 and very pretty but I restrained myself. This is a new place for me to takeKathleen she will like it because there is a Tearooms as well . I received my Magazine from Pat Winter Gatherings it is called Crazy Quilt Gatherings and it is the first magazine she has produced it is lovely and has some good tips and patterns . I am going to sew now as it is quiet and no one seems to need me at the moment, have a good Sunday.


Bunny said...

Oh I love that chair. You should have grabbed it up. LOL. Have fun when you take Kathleen. Hugs

Jane said...

That's a lovely chair Jilly but I bet you see a lot of attractive chairs if you often go to antiques places and your home will only have a certain number of places to put them. Or that's so in my case anyways :O)

Scrappy quilter said...

I would never have been able to restrain myself if I had been there. Lovely chair. Hugs

Elizabethd said...

What a pretty chair...I couldnt have resisted!

Piece by Piece said...

Lovely chair, don't know how you could leave it in the shop.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to your daughter and her husband. You will have to share photos of their new home. It sounds lovely. The shopping and tea rooms sound delightful also. Enjoy your week and have fun sewing.

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