Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Very Useful Bag

Hello, I have just finished making this bag and I am really pleased with it, When we go to The Fabric Guild I often buy these squares of fabric, some are large and some are smaller but they all have delightful pictures on them this one is all about Teatime, I have others with beach scenes and gardens, cats, floral and I buy them and never know what to do with them but they are so pretty and usually cost about 25pence each maybe a little more sometimes but not much. My good friend Kathleen (cottonreel) showed me how to make bags with them and it's a brilliant idea because no matter what the size the square you can make this bag, and it is so useful with 4 big pockets. We are going to Cosby quilters tonight it's a once a month meeting, there is a guest speaker who we have'nt seen before lets hope she is interesting it has'nt been unknown for Kathleen to fall asleep if she gets bored and she usually starts gasping for a cup of tea half way through, Oh well here's hoping.


Elizabethd said...

What an unusual bag, but so practical too.

Scrappy quilter said...

Tht bag is so cute. I love it. Have fun tonight with Kathleen. Hope she doesn't fall asleep. Hugs

Jane said...

What a novel bag, and so handy with big pockets!
Falling asleep isn't so bad. We once went with my mother to a poetry 'do' at Leicester Guildhall which was being recorded for local radio - and we all 3 of us got fits of the giggles. The seats were all linked, and we were all holding glasses of red wine. It wasn't a pretty sightas we quaked and juddered with supressed giggles - and to opur shame you could hear us on the radio when the prog went out. Mortified! :O(

Mildred said...

The bag is absolutely adorable! Hope you and Kathleen enjoy your outing later.

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