Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I have my computer back.

What a few days I have had with this computer, it was getting slower and slower and all sorts of funny messages were flashing on screen and eventually all I could get was a black screen and something flashing saying 'Hard Drive Fail' which sounds terminal. My lovely Tony took it to work and the brilliant Declan sorted me out and so my computer is now better.. I have been to Kathleens today and we have been tidying her Garage which is where she has all her fabrics and sewing table and lots of other things that she has gathered over the years so we cleared a lot of the stuff we had a pile for the Tip and another for the charity shop. I took a load to the Tip and my car is now full ready for our next visit to the charity shop. Kathleen made fresh cheese scones which we sampled with our morning coffee they were delicious so a lot was achieved today and there is now room to move around the garage. Our house is not moving yet I think it is going to be a long job.


Jane said...

God, the trauma of pc crashes. And then not only the immediate horror but having to be without it while it's mended. The only possible upside is that the scare and the sense of loss may have helped with any weight problem - look for the upside :O)

Glad to see you back posting - and commenting :)

silversewer said...

Get yourself an external hard drive and bnack everything up onto it so if you have another disc failure you do not loose precious pictures etc. I have had one for several years and it has been invaluable as we both have computers.

I back my computer up to the hard drive every week.

Hope you get someone to look at the house soon.

Piece by Piece said...

Welcome back, sounds as if you had the same problem that I currently have with my desk model computer. Thank goodness I also have a lap top and a son who is now a Manager of the IT department of a well known company.

Bunny said...

Happy to see you back up. Yes blogger has been a pain in the you know what. Nice tha you helped with the clean up. How about coming to help me LOL. I do miss my Jeannie so much. I keep wanting to call her and show her what I have been doing.

Hugs Bunny

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