Friday, 17 June 2011

What has Happened to our Summers

Does anyone else remember summers the same as I do, when I was a child I know I spent every day outside during the summer and it was always HOT! my Mum used to pack us sandwiches and a bottle of water and we would go miles and picnic in a field and pick wild flowers and scrump apples and come home hours later dirty, tired and happy after having had a good day and this seemed to be every day. Where I lived in Worcestershire we had a Lido and park and my Mum scrimped and saved to buy us season tickets so that we could swim in the Lido pool every day, we were as brown as berries and totally happy. I can remember the evenings when it was so warm my Mum and Dad would sit outside chatting with the neighbours because it was too hot to go to bed and I can remember dangling my legs out of the covers because it was so hot. What happened to that lovely weather? here we are in the middle of June and its cold and wet and miserable I cannot remember the last time we had a good summer we seem to have an odd day here and there and then it gets cold again I would really love a long hot summer, does anyone else have these memories?

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Jane said...

I don't remember every summer as hot but on the other hand I don't remember so much rain and wind. Mind, as a nipper it might not have bothered me much as long as I could go out and play. I definitely remember wet Junes when my own children were nippers tho.

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