Thursday, 9 February 2012

Embroidery and Stamps

Hello, I did another bit of my crazy quilt last night, I did a blanket stitch with long and then a shorter stitch and then I did Lazy Daisy stitch at the top of each stitch with a Knot in the centre of each pair od lazy daisy stitches, I was really proud of the blanket stitch because it is getting more and more even this must be because I get loads more practice now.
I went to Hobbycraft yesterday just to have a look and I found these very sweet stamps, now can I ask a question can I use these to stamp fabric and if I can what ink do I use and does it have to be heat sealed with the iron?. I hope someone can help.

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Mamabill said...

Love your blanket stitch. It looks like hearts with a stem. Sometimes I cheat and mark lines so me stitches will be even. Use a Frixion pen and then you just iron your marks away. Stamps? I never thought of that. Its a great idea. I would heat set them.

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