Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A beautiful Week

Hello everybody, what a lovely week of weather we have had in England, this lovely rose popped open this morning and it smells devine. I have been very busy in the garden and shopping for new plants Cottonreel and I have been to so many garden centres we are exhausted but we have bought some lovely things.

Tony and I had Jude for the day on Sunday it was lovely he is such a good little boy and his grandad loves to take him long walks in his pushchair, he is usually asleep 5 minutes after he leaves the house.

We are still trying to sell our house but it is a slow job people are very wary at the moment about spending money but we live in hope.

I received my Summer Magazine from Pat Winter this week it is brilliant, the cover picture has a beautful story behind it if you want to read about it go to Just Lilla blog it is quite sad, I am going to watch the French Open now, tennis is my secret vice.

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Pippa's quilts said...

It has been a lovely week to nice to be indoors. Good luck with selling your house.

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