Monday, 28 January 2013

Little Jude is really growing up, he loves books especially the ones with the different textures, there is so much these days to stimulate babies, Kate is due to give birth at the beginning of March, I wonder what Jude will think of a new baby, we don't know what she is having she  wants a surprise this time, I shall just be glad when it's over and they are both safe.

It is a bitterly cold day today, Kathleen and I went shopping for food and we were really glad to get home in the warm, we start back at our sewing class on Thursday, we are looking forward to that, I want to start a new quilt, I have some nice fabrics but I am not quite sure which pattern to do.
I am dreading moving all the stuff from my sewing room when we find a new property, there is so much but it will give me a good opporunity to sort stuff out.


Elizabethd said...

I've been wondering how your house hunt was going. I put all my swing things in big plastic wheelie boxes, safe and movable.

Elizabethd said...
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margaret said...

your quilt has turned out beautifully I am sure it will be well loved.
The diet sounds interesting, maybe I could do with going on that!well one day
Fingers crossed when it comes to the move the weather is fine for you, I moved 5 years ago and the sewing stuff took so many boxes, as for my books well they took for ever to box up and more have been added since then!

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