Saturday, 26 January 2013

What a week, the weather has been interesting to say the least, the photo is of our garden which looked very pretty, the summerhouse looked like a Swiss chalet, the birds were very busy and we made sure there was lots of seed for them.

The small baby quilt is for our next door neighbour who had a little boy last week, with all the snow I have been able to piece and quilt it this week it's nearly finished.

Good News! for us anyway, we have accepted an offer for our house, we now have to find somewhere to live, it will be nice if we can move ready for the  summer but, there is not a lot of property out there at the moment so we are hoping with the spring coming people will start putting their property on the market, I am dreading having to pack up all our stuff, we have lived here for 16 years and accumulated a lot of "stuff", I think the charity shops will do well in the next few months we want to move into a smaller property so that means getting rid of a lot of our Furniture it is going to be quite hard, on the plus side it will be exciting to look for things to furnish a new house.

Hope you are not suffering too much with the Snow.


silversewer said...

So pleased that you have sold your house, are you planning on moving nearer your daughter and family?

You have more snow than we have, it has lain a week, but apart from the garden it has cleared.

We are coming down to Leicester in May, hope to catch up with you and Kathy then.

Elizabethd said...

What a relief for you. I hope you can find somewhere nice now. Try the Rightmove website.

margaret said...

best of luck with the move, if you do not find anywhere soon will your buyer wait or will you go into temporary accomodation?

We had a heavy fall of snow last night, measured it to be 9" but the thaw is on the way along with plenty of rain!

tales from a handmade home said...

Your baby quilt is beautiful......good luck with the house hunting.

Pippas quilts said...

love the baby quilt. Good luck with the house hunting.

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