Friday, 26 July 2013

Hats galore, these are hats for Age Concern, they are put onto Innocent Smoothie bottles in the supermarket or any where  the smoothies are sold and for every bottle sold 25pence goes to age concern, Kathleen and I have been knitting them, they are so easy to do just 28 stitches and then you decorate them, apparently it has been going on for a few years and they have collected lots of money to help elderly people through the winter, I do have a pattern so if anyone would like to knit  them I will post the pattern.


margaret said...

I remember when they were promoting these a few years ago, have yet to see any on a smoothie drink though. Cannot knit any more too painful on the finger joints so will pass on the pattern, thanks just the same

Chris H said...

I love the hats and what a lovely way to help people in the community. I would love the pattern.

Indigo Blue said...

These are such fun to make and quick to do. I actually managed 15 this year and sent them off. As yet I have not seen any drinks with them on and I went to sainsbury's specially.
I am going to try and rope in my colleagues at work next year.

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