Thursday, 18 July 2013

Here is a selection of photo's of our Bungalow  it looks quite pretty from the front and we have just had the conservatory built, it is nearly finished the plasterer is coming tomorrow, the bedroom is awful the fitted wardrobes are far too big for the room, we have started to take them down can you see the 1960.s orange paint which is under the wallpaper, the lounge the room with the garden chair and lots of boxes has been stripped, painted, had all the electrics done as they were dangerous, we also removed about 12 black beams from the ceiling they were awful, we have shelving to fit and a new fireplace surround to fit also, then we can have a carpet fitted and I can get new furniture Yippee!
The garden is a nice size but it is quite a mess we have had a huge beech tree removed which had a fungus infection, we have to relay a patio and replace sheds, there is probably a lot more and I will show you pictures as things happen, the kitchen is drab and awful it still has a few beams which will come down and we will strip it completely, as you can see we still have masses to do but it is all doable, will post more soon.


Bev C said...


Good luck with your renovations. You will have a lovely home when it is finished.

Happy days.

margaret said...

your new home looks lovely, can you have to much in the way of wardrobes? Wonder why the house had all the beams as it does not old enough to have been built when all homes has them, maybe someone was trying to make it look oldie worldey
I am sure you are going to be very happy here

Elizabethd said...

Never mind, Bluebell.We have gone through much the same thing over the last year, and although it is hard, its great when it becomes what you want. The problem is that when the rooms are being done, there is almost no where to go to get away from it all!

Scrappy quilter said...

It's going to be beautiful once it's all finished. It's well on it's way now. Hugs

Scrappy quilter said...
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Chris H said...

Wow! Your home is gorgeous and the new conservatory is just stunning.
I can't wait to see more photos as you get it all renovated.

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