Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bunting, Bunting and yet more Bunting

Hi Good Morning, as you can see from the state of my Dining Room table I am busy making bunting fro Kate's wedding. I have about another25 metre's to do but it is looking reallypretty. Can you see the snow through the window it is really getting boring now I have definitely had enough. I do not know how people cope who have to deal with this stuff all winter it is a real pain, even if it is very pretty, the birds are all trying to find food and the lovely crab apple in my next door neighbours garden is slowly being stripped of fruit by the Redwings and Thrushes and blackbirds. Well I had better get myself in the shower and get on with some work, I have a quilt waiting to be quilted and lots of books to read. See you soon.


scrappy quilter said...

You've been busy. I love the snow I guess because we are use to having it. I've always lived where there is snow. Today it's -32C with a windchill of -42C. Pretty cold. Have a wonderful day friend. Hugs

Diane said...

Jilly, my husband read in the paper today that thre was a 1000 car traffic jam in the UK because of the ice and snow and the Chunnel is even closed!

Keep warm, friend!

We're also in a deep freeze here - 3" of snow forecast for later!


mad about bags said...

i love the colours of the fabrics for your bunting it will look fabulous
i know what you mean about the snow its toooo cold for me to venture to my workshop so i'm staying put indoors and have even dug out my cross stitch to keep me busy...

Kathy said...

The bunting is darling. Where do you hang that for a wedding? I love it!

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