Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Can it Get any Colder!!

Hello People, it is so cold here, and there is more snow forcast for today. I have just been out to top up the bird feeders and to break the ice on the bird bath and my feet nearly fell off they were so cold. I am definitely not going out today I think I will sort out my wardrobe and get rid of stuff I have been holding on to until I can fit into it, Why do we do that? Once that is done I aim to get stuck in to my bedroom decorating I have so many lovely new things to put in my bedroom so I have to get on with the painting etc. I am also going to make a large pot of soup probably Leek & Potato, this is everyone's favourite and maybe later on sit and machine some more bunting, it's coming on only another 40 metres to do.


Piece by Piece said...

Out temp went down to -8 C last night, woke to more snow this a.m. no wind today, so doesn't feel all that cold. I also had to clear the snow from our bird feeders. Our pond has a heater in it so it does not freeze, attracting a lot of birds as they can get a nice warm drink. Yesterday, a Heron was standing in it, don't know if he had a meal of goldfish or not. Roll on Spring. Patricia

scrappy quilter said...

We've had -35C for a couple of weeks. It's now warmed up to -12C. Not much snow though. Is it normally this cold there. I also didn't realize you guys got snow. Hugs

Kathy said...

It's very cold here in Illinois as well. I would love spring to get here but that is a long time off. Enjoy your soup...it sounds wonderful!

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